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William Fletcher

In the next few minutes you will be emailed your login instructions. Inside the members area you will see a link to register for the live call. Also, I will be adding in a document inside the members area to prepare for the live call. This is optional but very beneficial for anyone that fills it out.

Now, before you go I want to share with you a set of Powerful Documents that will help you plan and track your results in 2019. I’ve put together a series of spreadsheets and planning tools called the “Battle Plan Documents.”

Inside this package you will find 7 different planning and tracking tools to help you get amazing results in 2019! Here’s what you get!

1. The Online Business Income And Expense Tracker

Inside this spreadsheet you’ll be able to track all your income and expenses for your online business. This is an easy way to log all the expenses and income in your online business. Plus it feeds the Financial Dashboard you’ll learn about below!

2. Financial Dashboard and Tracking System

This sheet will show you how your online business is performing. You’ll know everything you need to know about the profits for your online business. You’ll know what's working, what isn’t working, and if your on pace to hit your goal in 2019. This one document alone can have a huge impact on your business!

3. Key Metrics & KPI Tracker

In this powerful sheet you will be putting in your biggest goals, targets, metrics, and KPI’s to track. This will quickly show you all the important numbers in your business and whether or not your on track to hit your goals.

4. Battle Plan Calendar

With this calendar you’ll be able to see your entire years plan at a glance including the key dates of launches and promotions. This is how you prepare to win!

5. Quarterly Battle Plan Template

With this sheet you will break down your yearly plan into 90 day plans. Inside you will plan out all your big promotions, goals, and metrics you plan to hit. Plus you can map them out on the calendar.

6. Business Time Tracker & Analyzer

One of the biggest downfalls of a struggling entrepreneur is what they spend their time focusing on or NOT focusing on. With this sheet you’ll be able to track how you’re spending your time building your business and analyze if you're working on the right things. This is huge!

These documents are awesome and will have a major impact on your success in 2019. These are the same exact documents I’ll be using to take my business to the next level in 2019.

Bonus Training!

When you upgrade to the Battle Plan Documents you're also going to get access to an additional live training where I walk you through how to set up these documents, how to use them to plan 2019, and how to track and measure your goals. This is going to be huge!

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