“Here’s A High Quality Business In A Box In An In Demand Topic You Can Sell As Your Own And Keep All The Profits!”

Comes With Full Private Label Rights…

  • Complete, ready-to-go sales funnel with email campaign included. Everything is done for you!
  • High quality workshop style video training with included ebook/workbook and worksheet your customers will love. (wow!)
  • 40 page ebook with 8,679 words of high quality content with full private label rights.
  • Course Customizer Kit to take this high quality workshop and make it your own! All source files and presentations included to take and record in your own voice!

From The Desk Of: William Fletcher
Columbus, Ohio
RE: High Quality Business In A Box

Today I want to share with you how you can easily 10X your small investment in this high quality PLR package in just a matter of weeks.

Interesting, right?

Hey there, William Fletcher here.

And today I want to share with you a brand new high quality product that comes with full private label rights.

Now, I gotta say...this is more than just a product…

This Is A Full Blown Business In A Box And Complete Sales Funnel…

That you can slap your name on and start collecting $47 to $97 payments

It really is a simple solution to quickly earning a 3k to 5k per month income online. Or adding another revenue source to your business.

Look, every serious marketer I know….knows that

The fastest way to earn real money online is selling your own products.

Real assets that you can profit from for years to come.

But there is just one major problem standing between you and selling products just like this. It takes a whole lot of work, time, knowledge, and skills to create a high quality product that people actually WANT to buy.

Now sure there's lots of PLR out there that you can use…but Good PLR content is few and far between. And even worse is the fact that a lot of PLR content out there is created by someone who knows very little about the content they are creating.

Leaving you with bad content and frustrating results.

And another thing…

How many times have you had big ideas for a product that you never followed through on. Look, we’ve all been there. Daily we are bombarded with new opportunities, shiny objects, and distractions. Creating your own high quality products isn’t easy.

But What I Want To Share With You Today Can Quickly Shortcut Your Success Online…

Today you will have your own high quality product you can sell as your own as early as today... And let me assure you, this is some of the highest quality PLR around.

In fact, this content wasn’t designed to be PLR at all…

This is high quality content created for my clients and customers.

I want to offer you the opportunity to take it, personalize it, and sell it to your customers and keep all the money. Cool huh?

But, there’s a catch…

Because this is for my personal clients and customers I’m limiting the amount of copies I sell…I only want this in the hands of a small group of smart marketers to protect the value of this offer.

That means two things:

1: You’ll want to act fast to make sure you get a license before they're all gone.


2: You’re going to have extremely limited high quality content to sell to your customers!

As someone that has created and launched well over 50 of my own information products…

I want to tell you the truth.

Selling Your Own Products Is The Fastest Way To Make A Great Income Online.

If you are serious about your online business success then you will want to get your copy of this Brand New PLR Package.

The Flagship Courses PLR package is a complete sales funnel ready for you to put on your website and start making money with now.

You Could Use This PLR Package To Earn You A Full-time Six Figure Income. And You Could Have This Business Setup This Week!

Now let me show you everything you get inside this brand new PLR package:

Component 1 - Ebook/Workbook

The ebook/workbook is a well written multi-use book. It can be used as a stand-alone ebook or as a supplemental workbook to the workshop/course.

The content is not only written well but formatted. Both PDF and Word editable versions are included.

Component 2 - Course Worksheet

To give you customers a great experience with your content we have pulled out actionable sections of the main ebook/workbook and put into and easy to follow worksheet/checklist.

This complements your course really well and will let your customers go to this document to follow along with your course step-by-step.

TThis is a huge added benefit to your product you can use as a selling point! Get more sales by marketing the additional value you provide with your training.

Component 3 - Free Report

A funnel wouldn't be complete without a high quality free report that you can giveaway to build a list of targeted subscribers.

This is the front-end of your funnel and will be used to capture leads and pre-frame them into buying the course. This report was designed to convert!

Component 4 - Video Course

This is the high quality video course. It includes step-by-step powerful videos.

All videos are visually appealing with great graphical slides and presentation. The video files are provided in high quality mp4 format.

Component 5 - Audio Workshop

Not only will your customers get the high quality videos and an ebook but they will also get the entire course in audio format.

This is an extremely valuable bonus you can use to sell your product and give it the "thud factor." Now your customers can take workshop on the go with them.

Component 6 - Mini Site

A complete mini site ready to be installed on your server so you can start profiting fast. The mini site includes everything you need.

Comes loaded with a squeeze page, thank you download page, sales page, and course download page. This is plug and play!

Component 7 - Autoresponder Email Campaign

Most people don't buy the first time they see your offer and that’s why inside this package we put together a complete "conversion campaign" autoresponder series.

This campaign comes loaded with a welcome email that delivers the free download and a 7 day conversion campaign designed to make you sales!

Component 8 - Banners

Promoting your new course and lead magnet should be a priority in your business. That's why we created a complete banner set for both your product and lead magnet giveaway!

Put these graphics on your blog, home page, download pages and more! This high quality graphic pack will get you more leads and sales!

Component 9 - Video Sales Letter

In this package we really wanted to go the extra mile and make things as easy as possible for you to get big results!

To make things super easy we gave you a high quality VSL that sells the course. You can add this to the sales page, create a VSL style sales page, or even a hybrid style sales page!

Component 10 - Course Customizer Kit

To top off an already awesome package we wanted to give you the complete ability to rebrand this package to you.

With the course customizer kit you will get the course slides to record with your own voice. You will also get the VSL slides to record in your own voice. All slides provided in Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF.

Plus you will get the sales copy and squeeze page copy in word format to take and use any page building tool you like!

Component 11 - PLR License

As a buyer of this program you get private label rights to the entire package.

This is a *limited PLR Package* available to only the first 250 buyers! Make sure you get your copy! See complete PLR license terms at the bottom of this page.

Now of course, you could waste your time using cheap PLR content but that won’t get you the results you want and you’ll be back to square one but more frustrated than ever before.

Or, you could spend $1,000s of your own money and months of your own time:

Developing your own product just like this one...

Paying a copywriter to write the copy...

Paying a graphic designer to create the graphics...

and the list goes on...

But would that be the smart thing to do? No, definitely not!

The smart thing to do is get your hands on The Flagship Courses PLR

Package now.

Be honest, what would it be worth to you to have a super high quality product you could start selling today? $1,000? $2,000? More?

Today, when you secure your copy of the Digital Membership PLR Package you'll get a Total Value of $4,070

Video Home Study Course ($997 value)

Course ebook/workbook ($497 value)

Course Worksheet ($97 value)

Lead Magnet Report ($97 value)

Complete Ready To Go Mini site ($497 value)

Autoresponder Email Campaign ($97 value)

High Quality Banner Promo Graphics ($97 value)

Course Audio Files ($197 value)

Video Sales Letter ($497 value)

Course Customizer Kit ($997 value)

Total Value = $4,070

For ONLY ... $47

Click The Buy Button Below To Get Started Now!

You’ve got to agree, that’s an incredibly low cost for such a high value PLR package. Once I close down the offer we won't release it again at this price.

It will go up to $97. Look, I put together this special offer for you to get an amazing product at a steal of a price.

How To Profit Big Time With This PLR Package:

Step 1 - Download the package.

Step 2 - Personalize the content and add in your branding (if you want).

Step 3 - Upload the complete Done-for-you Sales Funnel on your website.

Step 4 - Let the sales funnel and email campaign make sales for you on autopilot!

Here’s Just A Few Of The Many Ways You Can Profit With This Package:

  • Use the content to master creating flagship courses in your own business. This is cutting edge training teaching how to create premium flagship courses that you can earn big from!
  • Use the free report to build a massive list of subscribers. On the backend promote the video course along with other offers to your new list of subscribers.
  • Use it to create an entire sales funnel for your business...squeeze page with the free report...upsell the main ebook...add a high ticket upsell with the video course. To really maximize things use the autoresponder emails to put the whole funnel on autopilot!
  • Use the content to launch your own coaching program teaching others how to create and launch flagship courses and charge them $997 for access or $197 per month! Don’t worry if your not a course expert as we have provided all the content for you.
  • Study the training inside the course and answer your clients questions from what you learn.
  • Sell the training as a high ticket home study course for $497 to $997.
  • Create a training membership and charge members $27 to $97/month for access! The flagship courses training could be the core training. In addition to the training you could include access to a Facebook Group. You could also add in new PLR Content Monthly to make your membership provide tons of value.
  • Use the course customizer kit to create a completely new course/workshop of your own and charge $47 to $997 for it!
  • Use it launch your own flagship course consulting business charging other business owners $1,000 per month for consulting on creating and launching flagship courses.
  • You could even include the course as a bonus to make your consulting fees a no brainer!
  • Add it as a bonus to one of your existing products or coaching program to raise the value!

The possibilities are endless!

To take advantage of this exclusive deal, click the buy button now…

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All the best,

P.S. If you came here looking to buy a high quality ready to go product you can start selling as early as today then this is for you.

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P.P.S. Just a reminder, after launch the price goes up to $97. You could skip over this offer but then you'll stay right where you are now. Grab this high quality product now, start making sales, and change your future!

PLR License Rights:

● [ Yes ] Can sell to your customers. (personal and resell rights).

● [ Yes ] Can be sold, "as is" or can rebrand/rename/re-format.

● [ Yes ] Can be edited, renamed, add your name as the creator.

● [ Yes ] Can be translated into other languages and sold.

● [ Yes ] Can include within website flips (personal rights only).

● [ Yes ] Can give away parts of product from a squeeze page as a free offer.

● [ Yes ] Can be used as a bonus to a paid product.

● [ Yes ] Can be turned into a resell rights product

● [ Yes ] Can include in membership site for personal use of your members.

● [ Yes ] Can be combined with other offers or sold as a package.

● [ No ] Cannot sell Private Label Rights to customers.

● [ No ] Cannot pass the source files to customers.