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From The Desk Of: William Fletcher

Columbus, Ohio

RE: Start your own email marketing Academy

What I have for you today is something special. In fact, it turned out so well that I was hesitant about giving away PLR Rights to it...honestly it’s that good and the market potential for this is huge!

Here’s the deal…

With the popularity of software programs like clickfunnels FUNNELS are all the rage right now! Everyone wants and NEEDS a funnel to run a profitable online business.

And Where There Are Needs And
Wants Comes Incredible Opportunity!

Everyone knows they need a funnel, everyone wants a funnel, and they desperately need training on which funnel is right for their business, how to build one, and how to make one successful.

That's where YOU come in as the funnel expert with this completely done-for-you 12 module course with PLR rights included. I've done all the hard work for you and put together a package with everything you need to become a funnel expert and immediately start selling this course.

This premium content can easily be sold as a high dollar course and there is no better time than now to be selling a course on funnels.

Imagine for a moment that you were to download this today and spend some time going through the content and loading it up to your site.

Within just a couple of hours from now you can have a course that you can easily sell for $100 to $500 and that’s just the beginning. This course has built in recommendations for multiple tools you can load up with your affiliate links on top of what you will make from selling this as a premium product.

PLUS all the marketing materials, graphics, funnel pages, lead magnet and more to launch your brand new program!

Plain and simple…

This is some of the best PLR content around and you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to hop into a hot market and start selling today.

Here’s Everything You Get Inside:

Component 1 - Full Academy Course Content
With PLR

12 modules of content with full private label rights ready to load into your own premium course! Inside your customers will learn in-depth insights into 12 of the most popular online marketing funnels. Each module includes a detailed funnel blueprint with a funnel walkthrough, funnel diagram, breakdown of each page, key elements of each funnel, email campaigns to use, the tools needed for each funnel and more!

Module 1 - The Affiliate Funnel.
Inside this module you will learn how to setup the ULTIMATE affiliate funnel. You’ll even learn the secret technique for building a buyers list as an affiliate!

Module 3 - The Cheat Sheet Funnel
This is one of the most popular and most effective sales funnels in existence. Why? Because this funnel converts. People love cheat sheets and a cheat sheet funnel
makes it even better.

Module 5 - The Continuity Funnel
This is one of the best funnels around when it comes to creating monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Learn how to set up a membership funnel that maximizes conversions and life-time member value at the same time!

Module 7 - The Value Funnel
This funnel was designed to build a lot of value and turn your prospects into raving fans that want to buy from you again and again.

Module 9 - The Advertorial Funnel
This Advertorial funnel is like a sales letter in disguise. This funnel includes a strategically created article that works almost like a sales letter and is extremely effective to converting traffic into leads and customers.

Module 11 - The Product Launch Funnel
This is a very popular funnel that is often referred to as the sideways sales letter because of the way that it is laid out. This funnel is key for building hype and delivering tons of value to the prospect before asking for the sale. This funnel is a conversion machine.

Module 2 - The High Ticket Coaching / Service Funnel
This funnel is all about bringing in the big bucks selling high ticket coaching and services. Most people have no idea how to set this up...but you will!

Module 4 - The Ascension Funnel
No sales funnel training would be complete without the ascension funnel. This funnel is designed to strategically ascend customers from one product to the next for maximum conversions.

Module 6 - The Webinar Funnel
This funnel is a favorite for many online marketers because it flat-out converts! There are few ways better to make sales online than with webinars.
This funnel is a must.

Module 8 - The Mini Course Funnel
The mini course funnel is amazing for anyone that is selling a course, especially a more in depth course like a home study course, an academy course, or a high priced course.

Module 10 - The Local Business Funnel
This funnel is great for getting the phone to ring for local businesses. Whether you have a business or run an agency helping businesses,
this funnel is huge!

Module 12 - The Free Plus Shipping Book Funnel
This funnel is growing extremely popular due to its high conversion rates. This funnel is great to pair with paid traffic and build a list of buyers leads for free.

Component 2 - Funnel Cheat Sheets/Diagrams

12 Professionally designed high quality funnel cheat sheets / diagrams. These high quality cheat sheets perfectly compliment your course modules and serve as a quick reference for each module/funnel. Your customers will love these! This gives your course the “wow factor.” Plus you could offer one or a few of these as lead magnets that lead right into your course funnel!

Component 3 - Course Ebook/Workbook

For your convenience I’ve also packaged the Core Funnels Program into a ready to go book that can be sold as a print book, digital ebook, or even serve as a workbook that includes the course contents. There are so many possibilities with this content.

Component 4 - Lead Magnet Free Report

A funnel wouldn't be complete without a high quality free report that you can giveaway to build a list of targeted subscribers.

This is the front-end of your funnel and will be used to capture leads and pre-frame them into joining purchase the Core Funnels Program. This report was strategically written to to convert leads into buyers of the Core Funnels Program.

Component 5 - Ready To Deploy Sales Funnel

This is a plug and play sales funnel ready to be installed on your server so you can start profiting fast. The included funnel includes everything you need in HTML format to get your funnel live fast!

Component 6 - PLR License

As a buyer of this program you get private label rights to the entire package. See the bottom of this page for complete Private Label Rights.

“There Are So Many Ways You Can
Make Money With This Package"

  • You can use it to create an entire sales funnel for your business...squeeze page with the free report...upsell the Core Funnels Program as a premium high end course or even monthly membership.
  • Use the content to launch your own coaching program teaching others how to how to build funnels for their business and charge $997 for access or $197 per month! Don’t worry if you’re not a funnel expert as I have provided you all the content and training you need.
  • Create a training membership and charge members $27 to $97/month for access! The content included inside could be the core training for your membership. In addition to the training you could include access to a Facebook Group. You could also add in new PLR Content Monthly to make your membership provide tons of value!
  • Sell the training as a high ticket home study course for $497 to $997.
  • Use it to launch your own sales funnel consulting business charging other business owners $1,000 per month for consulting on launching their online marketing funnel. You could even include the course as a bonus to make your consulting fees a no brainer!
  • Add it as a bonus to one of your existing products, memberships, or coaching programs to raise the value!
  • Use the content to learn how to launch your own marketing funnels. This is cutting edge training teaching you 12 of the post popular and effective marketing funnels today!
  • You could even pick one niche to market to like paleo diet experts, fitness experts, youtube experts, blogging experts, etc. and be the go to funnel guru for that niche.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Due to the quality of this package I’m only opening it up for a short period of time at the special launch discounted price of:

Price increases to $97 in:

Today you will have your own high quality product you can sell as your own as early as today... And let me assure you, this is some of the highest quality PLR around.

Due to the nature of this offer and the value inside we have a strict no refund policy. To protect the value of this offer and our existing customers no refund will be granted after purchase. But not to worry, our PLR is some of the highest PLR quality on the marketplace!

Remember, you won’t see this offer at this price again! Click the buy button now…

All the best,

Just a reminder, after launch the price goes up to $97. You could skip over this offer but then you'll stay right where you are now. Grab this high quality product now, start making sales, and change your future!

PLR License Rights:

[ Yes ] Can sell to your customers. (personal and resell rights).
[ Yes ] Can be sold, "as is" or can rebrand/rename/re-format.
[ Yes ] Can be edited, renamed, add your name as the creator.
[ Yes Can be translated into other languages and sold.
[ Yes ] Can include within website flips (personal rights only).
[ Yes ] Can give away parts of product from a squeeze page as a free offer.
[ Yes ] Can be used as a bonus to a paid product.
[ Yes ] Can be turned into a resell rights product.
[ Yes ] Can include in membership site for personal use of your members.
[ Yes ] Can be combined with other offers or sold as a package.
[ No ] Cannot sell Private Label Rights to customers.
[ No ] Cannot pass the source files to customers.