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From The Desk Of: William Fletcher

Columbus, Ohio

RE: High Quality Business In A Box

William Fletcher here, and today I want to share something with you that is extremely powerful. In fact, I think this might be the most important letter you read all year if you do what I'm about to share with you today.

There seems to be this false belief that in order to run your own high profit business like mine...

  • You have to be some fancy guru…
  • You have to spend thousands of dollars a month on ads, sales copy, graphics, outsourcers, tools, etc.
  • Or that you have to be in with the “good ole boys club” to get anyone to promote for you.

But Here’s The Truth...

All of those things are just false beliefs holding you back from building the business you’re capable of!

The truth is, you don’t have to be the smartest marketer in the room to make sales online. You don’t have to have the best copy and graphics. And you don’t have to be an expert or guru either.

But, and this is a big but...

You do have to have the ability to provide value to others and you have to be consistent. That right there is a formula for success. If you can provide value by helping others consistently you can build a big time business.

“Ok provide value William, yeah yeah...what the heck are you talking about?”

Glad you asked ;).

There are lots of ways you can do this. One of the ways I do this in my business is provide tools and content for other people to use in their business.

You don’t have to be an expert guru to research a topic and provide valuable usable content others can use in their business.

Now thats just one of example of what you can do to earn big without a big name or massive skills. There are literally opportunities like this everywhere.

Look, if you’re reading this page right now you have some type of skill, knowledge, talent, or ability to help others that people would happily pay you for. Not to mention you have people that will relate to you better than they might “guru xyz.”

And now for the best part.

Over the next four weeks I’m going to be teaching 35 people how to do this. The lucky 35 that make it into this program are going to be shown…

Every Single Step They Need To Take To Build Their Own High Profit Online Business!

Plus I’m going to give you an exclusive look into exactly how I run my business. If you’re one of the 35 you will leave this program with:

  • A full funnel ready to deploy and take paying customers.
  • An automated sales system and email campaign in place to convert leads into customers.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get traffic and leads coming into your funnel every single day without spending a dime on traffic!
  • How to create evergreen products and offers that will deliver big time paydays for years to come.
  • Templates, scripts, and easy to follow along with guides that build off of what is taught in the course for easy implementation.

And a whole lot more...

Here’s What I Will Cover In This Brand New Class

Week 1 - The Funnel Map

In week one I will walk you through mapping out your evergreen funnel from start to finish. It is so so important that you have this strategy in place. Almost no one teaches you this and it is one of the most important components of running a successful online business.

By the time we finish this week you will have a bulletproof plan ready to deploy your evergreen funnel! Inside this module you get:

  • My formula for mapping out a profit pulling funnel that sets you up for long-term success so you can finally stop spinning your wheels and know exactly what to create.
  • The 4 types of offers every funnel MUST have and how to create all of them in your business. If you don’t have this you’re leaving tons of money on the table. You will see exactly what offers to include and what price points work well for each.
  • The single most important factor for a high converting sales funnel. This is vital to your success. Conversions are king...if you can’t convert you won’t make money. You have to have THIS to convert.
  • The ONE secret technique I use to map out every funnel I create. This simple exercise will change the way you create funnels and products!
  • How to create your financial blueprint and why this is the key to your success. I’m even going to share with you a spreadsheet you can use to put your goals and targets in and track them every week. I can’t wait for you to see this!
  • An explosive way to kick of your new high profit business and start earning in week one!

Week 2 - Instant Product Formula

In week two I will share with you the instant product formula for creating digital products fast. You will have a step-by-step proven framework you can use to create all the products in your funnel. Plus I will show you how to utilize PLR and white label products (if you want) to create them even faster.

In this module you get:

  • How to create an “offer” and NOT a product and why this is so crucial to your success online. I’ll break this down into easy to follow steps that anyone can do. You don’t have to be a copywriting expert to make sales online you just need a great offer and I’ll show you exactly how to create one.
  • The easiest and fastest way to create high quality products that people love. It’s one thing to create a product it’s a whole other thing to create products that people love!
  • How to create a core flagship program that you sell in your back-end funnel. This is where the real money is online! You will see step-by-step how to create a core flagship program you can promote and earn from for years.
  • How to take PLR content and use it to quickly create premium products and courses. This is a major shortcut for launching high quality courses and I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step.
  • An inside look at how I create all my digital products. I’ve created an amazing amount of products and content over the years. In this module you will get an inside look at how I do it and how you can ‘copy’ my system. I’ll even show you inside my project management software so you can see how I manage it all.
  • An easy to use outline template you can use as you layout a course from start to finish. You’ll get a copy of this that you can download and edit for your own products.
  • The absolute best way to layout a course. Your customers will love you for this! This is how you create courses that get big results and big sales!
  • A rarely known strategy for adding back-end offers into your funnel without creating any more products or services of your own. This is a major shortcut for adding high ticket and recurring offers into your funnel even if you don’t have your own high ticket offers. This can add thousands to your monthly bottom line alone! I’ll show you exactly how I personally do this to earn big.
  • A product you can add to your business THIS WEEK to start earning a recurring income from.
  • Simple add ons and bonuses you can add to charge a lot more for your products and offers. I’ll show you what add ons to use to charge more and earn way more! This is how you turn a product into a “no-brainer offer.”

Week 3 - Building the Evergreen Machine

In week 3 I will show you how to setup an automated funnel that gets leads and sales on autopilot. I will walk you through step by step how to set everything up from scratch. All the tools, all the techniques, all the insider strategies for profiting big! Plus you will see how to create campaigns and funnels that convert.

Inside you get:

  • A proven email campaign strategy that you can plug into your business to make sales on autopilot! This one is awesome as it taps into one of the most powerful ways to sell anything...not to mention it’s all done through an autoresponder (as hands of as it gets!).
  • A Proven Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Campaign Template you can use on all your product campaigns and promotions. (This is huge!) I’ll even show you live how I use this template.
  • How to use the power of automation to bring in new sales every single day. Nothing is better than making sales when you're not working. That is the power of automation my friend!
  • 10 Different ways to promote your products and offers without being spammy! One of the secret strategies I use in my business is the way in which I promote things to my list. I have over 10 different ways to promote products and offers that actually provide value to my customers. This is a great way to make more sales and keep a list that loves you and opens your emails.
  • A simple 30 second strategy you can deploy inside your funnels to make way more sales! This is so easy but barely anyone uses it effectively. Not you!
  • An inside look at all the tech and all the tools you should use to build a true automated funnel that gets results!

Week 4 - Project Deploy

In week 4 I’m going to share how to get people into your funnel all day everyday. Inside you will see how to get endless traffic to your funnel even if you’ve struggled with traffic in the past. I’ll be sharing strategies in this training I have never shared before!

Here’s what you will get inside this module:

  • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to traffic generation and what to do instead. Most people don’t get results with traffic because they approach it all wrong but you won’t after going through this training.
  • How I’m able to get thousands of visitors to my products and offers a week without spending a single dime. I’ll even show you a recent promotion that had over a 1,000 visitors in just 4 days.
  • One of the fastest ways to make sales of your product and get tons of free traffic. Over the years this has been the number one driver of my traffic. Learn step-by-step how I do it.
  • How to use the power of “micro content” to generate tons of leads and sales without writing mountains of content. Content marketing doesn’t have to be hard! I will share my formula for creating “micro content” that brings in leads and sales every single week.
  • How to set up a content hub on your website and use strategic content to make sales day in and day out regardless of what is going on in your business. I see so many people only making sales when they are launching their next offer. This isn’t a sustainable way to run a business and you will quickly burn out. You will learn how to create strategic content that gets people to buy again and again whether your running a promotion or not.
  • Advanced traffic strategies for capturing tons of leads and getting endless traffic for pennies on the dollar. If you’re not doing this you are missing out big time! This is optional but you would be crazy not to do this!

And the best part is you can do all of this…

If you brand new and start from scratch. I’m going to show you how to build this from the ground up even if you starting from scratch with no list, no products, and no customers.

That’s a bold promise that I stick behind.

But, you have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. I’ll show you every single step and how to implement all of it but you have to put in a couple hours a day and follow the system.

Only 35 People (Only 7 of 35 open) Will Have The Opportunity To Get Their Hands On this System.

To Recap You Get:

  • Step by step instruction delivered over four live calls starting Wednesday April 25th at 8pm. Calls are every week for four weeks and will run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours each.
  • You’ll get access to the members area where each live call will be placed after it is recorded and you will have lifetime access to this!
  • You can bring your questions to the live call and get them answered or email me before the live calls and I will answer your questions directly!
  • You will get templates, scripts, and other bonuses not listed here.
  • A proven system for building a high profit online business.
  • And access to someone that actually cares about YOUR success.

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William Fletcher
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