Step By Step 21 Day Membership Plan!

Everything You Need To Create, Launch And Thrive With A Membership Site In 21 Days!

21 Daily Lessons Taking You From Scratch To A Live Membership Site.

It's no lie that Membership sites and recurring revenue are at the top of the list for online business models. It just makes sense for smart marketers because…

Monthly Recurring Revenue Is The Holy Grail Of Earning Online!

So Here’s what I want you to think about…

Imagine that in just a couple weeks from now you have a live, functional membership in your niche enrolling new members…

Think about how different your online business would look if you had a fully functional membership setup and enrolling new members each day.

How would that make a difference for you?

How would it feel knowing that you have this and could do big things with it for all of 2019 and beyond?!

Imagine that in just a couple months from now you have 50 members at $30 or $50 a member.

Now I can’t promise you that you will get results anywhere near that because I don’t know you, I don’t know your skill set, or how hard your willing to work.

But I know that for those willing to put in the effort and work hard they can build a fully functional membership business!

Imagine you really dug deep and put a lot of effort into this what could be possible? Imagine that in 6 months from now you have 200 to 300 members enrolled!

How would that feel?

How would it feel having a top membership business in your niche?

What Does A Membership Funnel Like This Look like?

There are a few key components to making a membership funnel like this work:

  1. You have a membership with lessons inside that members get access to for $30 to $100 a month.
  2. You have a 7 day trial that converts new members in on a daily basis. This isn’t your average membership trial...I’ll show you how to make it pop!
  3. You have a special “one-time offer” that's irresistible and hard for members to pass up.
  4. You have three very key email campaigns in place turning your membership into a member machine. This is awesome and easier to do than you probably think!
  5. You have a series of membership magnets funneling new members into your membership every day.

Now, I’ve left some really cool things out of this equation to reserve them for members only. But even with the 5 components I’ve just given you it's possible to build a big membership business!

Now I want to make this drop-dead simple for ANYONE that wants to build a membership business in 2019 and get it live in the next couple weeks.

So here’s what I got.

I’ve put together a series of 21 step-by-step lessons that you’ll get access to immediately when you join the Member Funnel Workshop. Yes, you read that right...21 step-by-step lessons!

You’ll get videos walking you through each step, supplemental documents, training, and diagrams. You will have everything you need to build a fully functional membership that's enrolling new members.

This Program Is Designed To Give You One Big Action Step Each Day For The Next 21 Days And At The End You Will Have Built Out A Fully Functional Membership, Membership Sales Funnel, And All The Campaigns Designed To Bring In New Members!

How powerful is that?

Here is a breakdown of each lesson we will go through in depth:

  • Day 1 - Membership Funnel Overview. In this video I will breakdown the entire membership system from top to bottom. I’ll show you everything you need to know about building a membership funnel from the ground up. I’ll also show you how to map your membership “Ascension” funnel, different pricing models, trials, upsell's, and turning one membership offer into a complete funnel!
  • Day 2 - How to create your membership trial page for max conversions. This is a key component to creating a high converting membership. I’ll show you what to put on this page, what to offer, and everything in between.
  • Day 3 - How to create your “one-time offer.” Having this one time offer in place can really increase the value of customers entering the membership funnel. This is simple to create and provides a great deal to your members.
  • Day 4 - Anatomy of a perfect membership lesson. There is a format for creating great membership lessons for your members. I walk you through how to do it so that you can create great lessons that your members love.
  • Day 5 - How to create months worth of membership lessons in one sitting. This technique will help you create lots of membership lessons that you can queue up to go inside your membership. This will make sure you always have new lessons ready to go inside your membership.
  • Day 6 - How to get high quality lessons for your membership site without creating a single thing! This is a great way to add high quality lessons to your membership without having to do the hard work yourself.
  • Day 7 - How to get your membership funnel live and functional. In this training I go through the different tools and pages you will need to create to get your membership funnel live.
  • Day 8 - How to lay out your membership members area and set everything up. When you finish this lesson your membership will be functional and ready to take members!
  • Day 9 - How to create multiple membership magnets the turn website visitors into new members. This is a great way to deliver tons of value to your niche market while also enrolling new members in your membership.
  • Day 10 - The secret email campaign that turns new members into long time customers! Hardly anyone does this with their membership site and its one of the most effective ways to keep long-term members.
  • Day 11 - How to track measure and analyze your membership numbers. As the saying goes “what gets measured gets improved.” When you measure your membership numbers you can see what's working, what's not, and how to get better. I’ll show you exactly what numbers to track and how to improve them.
  • Day 12 - How to set up your membership website for maximum conversions. Having a good membership funnel is more than just a couple sales pages thrown together. I’ll show you how the “website funnel technique” so you can use your entire website to get new members.
  • Day 13 - The “sniper method” to getting new members in your membership daily! This technique alone can get members signing up day one a membership goes live. This method isn’t often talked about because it requires a little bit of hard work. However, this can be one of the most effective strategies for growing your membership from day one.
  • Day 14 - The value content conversion method to getting new members. This module is all about creating valuable content that makes prospects want to enroll in your membership. I’ve packed a lot of secrets into this one!
  • Day 15 - How to feed your membership with hot buyer leads from other people. This is a great way to get new members into your membership funnel in droves.
  • Day 16 - The authority post technique for getting lots of new members quickly. This is a nice content hack for getting new members into your membership.
  • Day 17 - 5 ways to get new prospects enrolling in your membership fast. Getting new members is more than just traffic. In this lesson I’ll show you how to take the traffic you’re getting and turn it into members.
  • Day 18 - How to build an entire business around your membership program. This gives you a birds eye view of the entire membership model and how you can make it your entire business. Its power is its simplicity.
  • Day 19 - The two secret pages you can add to your membership for additional revenue. These two pages can add additional revenue while helping your existing members tremendously.
  • Day 20 - How to build a back-end funnel on the back-end of your membership. Want to take your membership business to the next level? This is how!
  • Day 21 - The Ten Hour Membership Workweek. In this module I’ll show you how to run the entire membership business model in just 10 hours a week.

In addition to the core training I wanted to give you access to two Massive Bonuses.

Massive Bonus 1

Member Funnel Workshop Workbook

Inside The Member Funnel Workshop Workbook You Will Find Diagrams And Action Steps Inside That Go With Each Lesson!

Massive Bonus 2

Live membership Accelerator Masterclass!

In Addition To The 21 Day Program You Get Access To The Live Membership Accelerator Class. On This Call I’ll Be Sharing Techniques To Get Your Membership Business Of The Ground Fast. This Will Be Awesome!

Now, I thought about releasing this as a coaching program and putting a $1,000 price tag on it.

Even at $1,000 it would be cheap with the value you will find inside this program.

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And I know that's a steal at that price and the price will go up after this week but I want to reward action takers that are ready to jumpstart into 2019 strong!

I want to walk you through every single step of not only creating a membership funnel but building an entire membership business!

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